Corrientes Vuelve a Ser CorrientesCorrientes Vuelve a Ser Corrientes

Iberá is where the nature and culture of Corrientes is best represented; it is where the most diverse values that give Corrientes its identity can be found. The restoration of wildlife and revalorization of its culture contributes in showing the best of Corrientes to the world.

Restauración de FaunaRestauración de Fauna

For different reasons the Iberá Wetlands has lost many of it's wild species. Because of this, we work to reintroduce native species of Iberá including the Giant Anteater, the Pampas Deer, the Collared Peccary, and our most ambitious reintroduction project yet, the return of the Jaguar.

Destino Ecoturístico IberáDestino Ecoturístico Iberá

Iberá is a destination for all ages to enjoy all year round. Its pleasant climate, its abundance of water activities and its diverse regions which alternate to offer different options, allow rich encounters with nature in every season.