Routes of Iberá

Discovering the Corriente River

The Corriente River is the southern boundary of Iberá and because of its high flow and curvy course, it is an ideal place to start an adventure filled with nature. Its clear waters and sandy bottoms allow for snorkeling, diving or simply stopping on the sandbars for a picnic with the company of the breeze and the sound of the water.

The Corriente River

The river can be reached from the district of Chavarria, with its old houses and former railway line’s bridge which seems to be waiting to be filled-up with tourists and proudly show its river, birds and water lilies in full bloom. Chavarria, is connected with the capital of Corrientes by 180 km of asphalt in good condition, it shares the same river with Mercedes and Yofre, and is 90 km by gravel Route 22 from Concepción. The rail tracks could potentially reconnect communities with “Rail-Car” rides, following the old train journey and inviting tourists to feel the history and appreciate the nature of the wetlands or to simply walk along and benefit from a 4 meter high view of the river.

The perfect choice for discovering different landscapes of thick gallery forests, white sandy plains and large bodies of water is to sail upriver by boat or sailboat. Another option is to go by the traditional Casa de Piedra, an old abandoned estancia, and float the river in search of caimans on its shores, flocks of wood storks, jabirus, herons and cormorants, or be surprised by some crossing capybara or by the tiny head of an otter. Some areas with calm waters are good for catch and release of the famous dorado fish.


Another alternative starts at the wooden bridge over the Payubre, near the town of Felipe Yofre. Here it is posible to float down-stream either by kayak or boat, toward the Corriente river from a single branch that allows skirting cattle ranches where sightings of the fauna approaching the water are frequent. It is narrow and winding, with unique landscapes, ideal for small boats that enable silent floating while watching the water change color, from brown to green, from green to blue and watching the cliffs with gallery forest vegetation blocking the way making it difficult to know if the path continues.

Sleeping in a tent on the sandbars or floating on a boat, is indescribable. It is a unique experience to come into contact with sounds and smells that are only offered in southern Iberá.

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